Where the money goes

Apart from the Victims of Crime Levy, all funds collected through fines from speed and red light cameras (also known as safety cameras) are returned to road safety through the Community Road Safety Fund, which is administered by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Funding is allocated to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and SA Police for use towards improving road safety. This helps pay for a wide range of key road safety initiatives including education, engineering improvements and targeting enforcement programs where they are needed most to improve road safety for all road users.

SAPOL collects the Victims of Crime Levy through the expiation of offences. Expiation notices include a Victims of Crimes Levy for notices issued by police or other authorised officers. Under the Victims of Crime Act 2001 the monies are paid into the Victims of Crime Fund operated by the Attorney-General’s Department.

Here are some examples of these initiatives:

Blair Park Drive – Yorketown Road intersection
Installing a roundabout improved safety at this junction.
Slide 1
Anzac Highway – Brighton Road intersection
Adding another right turn lane improved efficiency and safety.
Slide 2
Hillier Road – Main South Road intersection
Realigning the junction to a right angle improves sight lines and safety.
Slide 3
Gorge Road, Paracombe
Installing flexible curtain and semi-flexible steel rail barriers improved safety for motorbike riders.
Slide 4
Victor Harbor Road, Willunga Hill
Median wire barriers installed to improve safety.
Slide 5
Variable Speed Limit Signs
Way2Go partnership in Kadina
Way2Go Bike Ed Program